GRANT DENYER, Semi Final, 20/6/08 "You have the voice straight from heaven"

TOM BURLINSON, Semi Finals "I think that somebody as lovely and as talented as you will get a lot of support from the viewers."

DANNI MINOGUE, Semi Final "I think we've found somebody who could represent us internationally as a really special opera singer."

GRANT DENYER, Grand Final Australia's Got Talent, 27/6/08 "If you were to close your eyes and listen to our next act you would be convinced you were hearing a performer at the peak of her career, open them though and you'd find a bubbly, bright 15 year old who could become one of our greatest operatic discoveries!"

GRANT DENYER, Final Eliminations, Australia's Got Talent, 1/7/08 "You were one of our most proud discoveries, young lady. Your angelic voice at such a young age is an extraordinary discovery!"

"Grace’s voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard!! ...Dear God This Girl Is A Star! In my opinion, all she needs to do is stand up there and smile the way she does. The music is a bonus! That’s star power for you:)"

HANS EBERT, We-Enhance:
"Bloody A-MAZING voice!"

DON MOIR, Don Moir Events:
"Grace is an absolute undeniable awesome talent."

“Grace Bawden’s poise, professionalism and vocal prowess blew our audience away at our biggest event of the year, the SA Great Annual Dinner. A beautiful, highly talented young South Australian guaranteed to inspire, entertain and delight. “